The Taljard Family in Scotland

This page is dedicated to the Taljard family living and working in Scotland. At present our clan consists of only our family. Having been born and bred in South Africa, I came to work in Scotland. It wasn't long before I met a bonnie scottish lassie and ended up staying in Scotland. By now our family has grown with three lovely children. We are priviledged to stay in a beautiful country, although the weather can be very unpredictable. The country has a long and interesting history and lots to see and do! See the Visit Scotland website for further information. Just click on the link!

To see Google Maps of South Africa and to find out where Scotland is, click on the flags to the left. And NO! it is NOT a part of England - they are both included as separate countries in the United Kingdom along with Wales and Northern Ireland. Although these countries share the same monarch, they actually have separate parliaments.

And now to do some promoting of the open source community! I do almost everything on my computer using open source software and only resort to the usual "windoze" for the occasional proprietary program. The following links will be useful for those of you who would like to learn more.

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